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Sun Aug 6 18:18:56 PDT 2006

What has always been frustrating to me are the times that I knew the answer
but could not retrieve the answer and then thought to be stupid or thought
to be lying about having studied.
Going to events, to places I have not been before with large crowds can be a
sensory overload.
These things "normal" people do not seem understand or comprehend. And the
myths that go around that are being told to teachers and the like do not
I was told that I couldn't have ADD as I was tall and kids and people with
ADD/ADHD were short.
People with ADD/ADHD have a tendency to have late growth spurts. How tall
the person is depends on their genetics.


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Sounds like Glenn Beck! It was very interesting listening to him try
different medications for his ADD on the radio last summer. He's very manic
unmedicated, and you could tell when he was medicated because he would talk
more slowly and not go off on so many tangents. He was afraid that it hurt
his creativity though. I don't remember which meds he settled on or if he's
still taking them while doing his TV show though.


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