[Sca-cooks] children/add and adhd

Stephanie Ross hlaislinn at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 6 17:58:46 PDT 2006

Sounds like Glenn Beck! It was very interesting listening to him try
different medications for his ADD on the radio last summer. He's very manic
unmedicated, and you could tell when he was medicated because he would talk
more slowly and not go off on so many tangents. He was afraid that it hurt
his creativity though. I don't remember which meds he settled on or if he's
still taking them while doing his TV show though.


Growing up, I was labeled as slow with the possibility that I may need to go
to special education classes.
I proved them wrong in summer school and then they started to label me as
lazy and refusing to apply myself. The school never heard of ADD or ADHD.
I did learn that people w/ADD and ADHD that were raised off of the meds
built fail safes/actions of compensations that gave the impression to
doctors for a while that people grew out of ADD/ADHD.
One study showed that most ADD/ADHD non-med. fail safes, will have their
fail safes fail at about age 40.
Nothing like teaching an old dog new tricks. :P

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