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Huette von Ahrens ahrenshav at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 7 00:34:54 PDT 2006

I hope that you spend some time at GWW with me!!!  I will pout if you don't...

As for smokers, I have the charcoal type and Etienne had an electric one, when we
smoked ducks for the Viking banquet.  We did all the ducks in the two smokers. Several 
batches. The electric one needed less tending, but didn't smoke nearly as much as the
charcoal one, even though we used exactly the same amount of wood chips.  But the
charcoal needed replenishing during the smoking.  All we had to do was chuck in 
more charcoal, through the door.  Both needed to have more chips added from time to time.
And the water in the electric one boiled away faster, even though they both were at the
same temperature...  From the amount of smoke that came out of mine, I would say that 
the charcoal was the better smoker, but the electric one probably was cheaper, because 
you didn't have to buy charcoal.  And you didn't have to check to make sure there was 
still enough heat. I haven't used a propane smoker, so I don't know about them.  


--- Susan Fox <selene at earthlink.net> wrote:

> Yea, I'm an Altavia Girl, gag me with a mace.
> I am still mulling over whether or not to spend a lot of time at GWW,
> although I guess I'm am going at some point because Maddelena has
> conscripted me to do a nuts-and-bolts Camp Cooking class.  Pelican-cooking,
> if you take my meaning:  how to plan shopping, transport foods, distribute
> duties, etc.  Sigh.  Dragged out yet again by those famous words:  I Need
> You.  
> I will be growing my hair out but My Viscountess Hairdresser has promised,
> No Mullets!
> On the other thread:  the heating method may differ but the timing and
> result should be the same, whether live coals, propane or an electric coil
> warm the wood chips.  Yes, no, maybe?
> Selene
> On 8/6/06 10:49 PM, "Huette von Ahrens" <ahrenshav at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > I am not Selene, nor do I play her on television, but... She lives in the San
> > Fernando Valley
> > section of Los Angeles County.  She is a Valley Girl!  Forsooth!  I know that
> > she will be
> > at the next Great Western War, which is the Columbus Day weekend, from the 4th
> > of October through
> > the 9th.  Perhaps you can come and enjoy the war with us?  And bring smoked
> > mullet... :-D
> > 
> > Huette, who lives in the Other and Older Valley of San Gabriel...
> > 
> > --- Stephanie Ross <hlaislinn at earthlink.net> wrote:
> > 
> >> Hey Selene, where do you live? Smoked mullet is a delicacy here in Tampa
> >> Bay, esp. Pasco County where I live. It's very inexpensive and one fileted
> >> smoked fish will make enough fish spread to eat on crackers for a week. I
> >> could bring some for you to Gulf Wars.
> >> 
> >> ~Aislinn~
> >> Et si omnes ego non.
> >> 
> >> How long does it take to smoke a trout this way? I think I want one of
> >> those smokers. 'Cuz I would do terrible, horrible things for a taste of
> >> smoked fishies. 
> >>  
> >> Selene
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