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How's $16/lb work for you?


Duriel > > > > > >

 Not so well, thank you :o)  I am seeking a source that can supply me at
prices I can resell.  $16 isn't even a moderate retail price; it's pretty
high.  I find I need to get closer to $8 or $9 a pound to get to a price
point worth my effort.  I can find it for about $11/pound plus shipping for
personal use, which is pretty good.  For reselling, even $11 is rather

I intend to start blending spice mixes for resale in the open market and
reselling whole and ground spice.  I am seeking to find a good source for
the "odd" peppers and some unusual spices we commonly use.  I shall not
compete with the Pepperer's Guild, but work to compliment them probably in
real-world local markets like introducing them to local restaurants and gift

Powder douce, powder forte, fine spice powder, black spices, Dry BBQ rubs,
hypocras, Duke's Powder, etc., in addition to some more exotic individual
spices.  These are all wonders that could catch on right now in the real
world food market.  Taking the historical to the masses.

100 lb jute sacks are not out of the question, either.  Consider that I can
possibly find 100# for $7 a pound; even at $12 a pound retail:

100 lb x $7 = $700
 58 lb x $12 = $696

The magic of larger numbers is the stuff of survival.  Sure I may have to
import and fill outcustoms paperwork, but fine spice, prices and
transPacific freight are the stuff I spent over 25 hours on last week. Fun
and entertaining, actually.  Get your Linnaean terminology right, or you may
get hosed.

niccolo difrancesco
(The answer to the next question is "a big power coffee grinder like you see
in grocery store aisles")

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