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Sun Aug 6 19:52:35 PDT 2006

grizly wrote:
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> How's $16/lb work for you?
> http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000CER5K2/qid=1154912370/102-7708425-14969
> 02?redirect=true
> Duriel > > > > > >
>  Not so well, thank you :o)  I am seeking a source that can supply me at
> prices I can resell.  $16 isn't even a moderate retail price; it's pretty
> high.  I find I need to get closer to $8 or $9 a pound to get to a price
> point worth my effort.  I can find it for about $11/pound plus shipping for
> personal use, which is pretty good.  For reselling, even $11 is rather
> painful.
> I intend to start blending spice mixes for resale in the open market and
> reselling whole and ground spice.  I am seeking to find a good source for
> the "odd" peppers and some unusual spices we commonly use.  I shall not
> compete with the Pepperer's Guild, but work to compliment them probably in
> real-world local markets like introducing them to local restaurants and gift
> shops.
> Powder douce, powder forte, fine spice powder, black spices, Dry BBQ rubs,
> hypocras, Duke's Powder, etc., in addition to some more exotic individual
> spices.  These are all wonders that could catch on right now in the real
> world food market.  Taking the historical to the masses.
> 100 lb jute sacks are not out of the question, either.  Consider that I can
> possibly find 100# for $7 a pound; even at $12 a pound retail:
> 100 lb x $7 = $700
>  58 lb x $12 = $696
> The magic of larger numbers is the stuff of survival.  Sure I may have to
> import and fill outcustoms paperwork, but fine spice, prices and
> transPacific freight are the stuff I spent over 25 hours on last week. Fun
> and entertaining, actually.  Get your Linnaean terminology right, or you may
> get hosed.
> niccolo difrancesco
> (The answer to the next question is "a big power coffee grinder like you see
> in grocery store aisles")
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When you do start selling your mixes and spices, let me know...I'll be 
in line to be one of your first customers!


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