[Sca-cooks] a Well-Dressed Peacock and a Golden Calf (was on topic: Healthy Feasts)

Elaine Koogler ekoogler1 at comcast.net
Sun Aug 6 19:55:42 PDT 2006

Robin Carroll-Mann wrote:
> Adele de Maisieres wrote:
>> Could we talk about something else? Like, cooking, say?
> I'm still waiting to discover if anyone read my message entitled 
> "Stuffed Animals", which I posted on July 27 to three different SCA 
> cooking lists.  I know that many people have been distracted by Pennsic, 
> and I don't want to whine (okay, I DO want to whine), but it would have 
> been nice to get at least one comment.  Perhaps if I'd used a catchier 
> subject heading, as above...
> Brighid (I can pout if I wanna)
Yeah...know what you mean.  I didn't get a single response on my query 
about freezing coconut milk except for a couple of comments about how 
good the idea sounded! 

Can you remind me of what you asked?


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