[Sca-cooks] smoked fish

Stephanie Ross hlaislinn at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 6 20:27:07 PDT 2006

Stefan wrote:
Is this smoked mullet actually smoked enough that it preserves it? 
Here in Austin, Central Market often sells one or two types of smoked 
fish. One is usually labeled as just "smoked white fish". Both of 
these types of fish still need to be refrigerated, so I assume the 
smoking is just for taste and not preservation purposes.

They sell the mullet here at the grocery store under refrigeration. I'll
have to ask around and see how well it's preserved when smoked. My sister's
best friend sells fish at a store she owns at the beach. I can ask her if
she knows anyone who smokes it, and I could have them smoke it long enough
to preserve it!  The meat on the ones at the grocery is not hard or dried
out, still flaky and tender, so I would hazard a guess that it's only
smoked long enough to have the flavor, not smoked enough to keep and be
shipable like little fishies. The biggest drawback to mullet is that it's
full of bones. Kinda has the flavor of smoked catfish. I take a whole
filet, debone it and shred the meat. I add 2 packages on cream cheese,
finely diced celery and onions, salt, and either garlic powder or the
ready-minced kind, to taste. Old bay seasoning is good in it too. Let it
sit overnight in the 'fridge and serve on Ritz or Sociables. Delectable!


PS I would be happy to bring some to Gulf War just for you Stefan, and some
of the spread too.

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