[Sca-cooks] a Well-Dressed Peacock and a Golden Calf (was on topic: Healthy Feasts)

Elaine Koogler ekoogler1 at comcast.net
Mon Aug 7 05:56:13 PDT 2006

Robin Carroll-Mann wrote:
> Elaine Koogler wrote:
>> Can you remind me of what you asked?
>> Kiri
> I didn't ask anything, actually.  I was just hoping for a comment.  I 
> posted a translated excerpt from the Arte Cisoria, a 1423 carving 
> manual.  I'm giving serious thought to tackling the book, even though 
> the Spanish is more difficult than the 16th c. stuff I've worked with. 
> The excerpt described a gilded calf stuffed with birds.  I thought it 
> was an interesting example of conspicuous consumption.  Also, critters 
> stuffed into other critters is a recurring topic on this list (usually 
> around Thanksgiving or Christmas, when turduckens are in season).
Like others, I didn't respond because I thought it was some really cool 
information you were sharing with us.  You do that so often, bless you 
heart!!  It does sound like a really theatrical presentation, but then 
those folks from around the Mediterranean often really liked to show 
off.  Do you suppose it might have its root in Roman foodways?  It 
sounds like something that would be presented at a Saturnalia feast!


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