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Going off on a tangent, I heard the strangest thing on the radio 
today. Supposedly some reporters went to a bunch of Florida 
restaurants that had grouper on their menu. They ordered the 
grouper and took DNA samples to find out what kind of fish it 
really was. Six out of 11 served another kind of fish without 
telling the customer. 



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>Yep, I do still have the racks for it. It doesn't have a temp 
>however, but there's a hole where I think it used to be. It is a
>Brinkman's. Thanks for the book info. I've wanted to do something 
with this
>smoker for 6 years now but I never thought about looking for a 
book at the
>library on the subject. Doh! Hey, maybe I can smoke my own 
mullet! ...and
>grouper, and bass, and snapper... and cheese!
>Thank you!
>> That sounds very similar to my smoker.  Does she still have the 
racks for
>> Is there a temperature gauge on the dome?
>> If it is like mine, the bigger enamel bowl is were you put the 
hot coals
>and on
>> those hot coals you put your wet wood chips to create the 
aromatic smoke.
>> other smaller enamel bowl is for water, which helps keep the 
direct heat
>from the 
>> meat and also create some steam that keeps the meat from drying 
out.  The
>> should be where you can keep track of the coals and put in more 
>> Any good smoking cookbook on the subject can help you with how 
to use
>your smoker.
>> Huette
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