[Sca-cooks] powdered sugar question

Terry Decker t.d.decker at worldnet.att.net
Mon Aug 7 10:15:03 PDT 2006

If you are asking is powdered sugar period, the answer is yes.  It was 
produced by crushing regular sugar.  Modern powdered sugar has cornstarch to 
keep it from clumping, which is the primary difference.


> In reading through some of the Miscellany I came across this:
> "LOST EGGS. Take four egg-yolks and beat them, and rock and powdered 
> sugar,
> and let it all be beaten together very well, then poured through a 
> strainer,
> then fried on the iron skillet and after that cut in lozenges; then let
> these lozenges be put on a dish with another omelette of poached eggs and
> finely powdered spices sprinkled on top."

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