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Mon Aug 7 13:13:07 PDT 2006

For those who were curious about the results of the milk, butter, and honey 
experiments that my children and I were supposed to conduct over the weekend 
… didn’t happen.  Sorry.  WE will get to that experiment ... perhaps after 

Instead … we cooked GREEK.

No … we did not roast the local orthodox priest … Father Luzak is far to 
nice a man for that.

We made Souvlaki, cheese pies, and rice.  A side note … I have a copy of  
“The Frugal Gourmet; Cooks the Three Ancient Cuisines; China, Greece and 
Italy”, which heavily influences my cooking on occasion.  I also have two 
children still at home who LOVE to help mom cook, and we usually reserve 
Sunday as a ‘try something different’ day.


We used the thick-cut boneless pork loin chops that I use for practically 
every pork dish I make anymore.  We cut apx. 2 lbs of them it into inch size 
cubes, and marinated it in a mix of ½ cup good olive oil, 1 cup marsala, ½ 
teaspoon salt, 2 tablespoons of chopped parsley, a teaspoon or so of chopped 
oregano, and about half a teaspoon of cilantro.  Two hours later we dumped 
the lot into the wok and fried them up.  When the pork was cooked through, I 
drained off the liquid and then tossed in about half a pound of crumbled 

While we waited on the marinating process, we thin-sliced some purple onion 
and some roma tomatoes.  While they were not looking, I mixed some sour 
cream half and half with some plain yoghurt, and stirred in some chopped 
fresh chives.

We split pitas, and made them into pockets, slathered in some of the sour 
cream sauce, added meat, onions, tomatoes a few ripe olives … well … more 
like a few jars of ripe olives.

Cheese Pies

We chopped about half a purple onion, a huge clove of elephant garlic, about 
a pound of Feta and three eggs.  I tossed in some fresh chopped parsley 
(about a tablespoon worth) and some fresh cilantro (about half a teaspoon 
worth).  I used commercially available phillo, because I am too durn lazy to 
make my own.  Two sheets of phillo brushing each with melted butter, then 
dumped on a heaping tablespoon (or two tablespoons worth … for the purist), 
and rolled them up.  I line a cookie sheet with foil to make removal easier. 
  Place on UNGREASED foil, and bake at 400f for 25 min.  Warn the kids that 
they are HOT.  Hand the kids a glass of ice-water because kids NEVER listen 
when mom tells them that the cheese pies are HOT.  Hoped there were some 
cheese pies left for dinner.


We cooked  about a cup of wild rice in the crock pot on high with about two 
and a half cups of water and a veggie bullion cube (because I am too durn 
lazy to make my own veggie bullion).  After about two hours we added a whole 
red pepper (pimento type) chopped fine, and some thin-sliced green onion., 
and let that cook for another half hour.  Then, we drained out the remaining 
liquid, and stirred in half a stick of butter, some lemon pepper, some 
chopped fresh parsley (about half a tablespoon worth), a shot of lemon juice 
(about a tablespoon worth), and some ground allspice (about half a teaspoon 

For the cooking order … it went kind of like this.

Rice in the crockpot with the water and bullion cube

Cut up the pork, mix the marinade, put the pork into the marinade and put 
the lot in the fridge.

Slice the purple onion and tomato … baggie and refrigerate

Fine chop the onion and red pepper for the rice.  Baggie and refrigerate

Mix up the cheese pie filling

Make the cheese pies

Add the veggies to the rice and put the wok on the stove

Put the cheese pies in the oven. And Fry the meat

Set the table.

Put the sliced onions, tomatoes, pitas and sour cream sauce in the divided 
serving bowl that we usually use for tacos, serve the rice in the crock from 
the crockpot, put the remaining cheese pies on a plate.  Add a green salad 
to the offerings so as to make up for the cheese pies that went missing 
while the table was being set.

Ring the dinner bell.

Jo (Georgia L.) Foster
jo_foster81 at hotmail.com

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