[Sca-cooks] Early morning craving...

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Niccolo likes us, he *really* likes us.

Thanks, dude. I think this is one even the Kitchen Idiot can pull off...
And it dates to 1460? Even better!

(Although I will admit to wondering about using a bit of potato "flour"
to get to an approximation of the modern version, I promise I'll hold
off on that until I've tried the original redaction!) 

Amra, K.I.
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> > And some boring fettucine, too.  A little gorgonzola, and 
> it becomes a 
> > gnocchi sauce.  Some sheeted pastred, spinach and feta, and you get 
> > spinach lasagna ala bechamella (technically ala alfredo).
> >
> > niccolo pizza difrancesco
> > (see? Pizza really is my middle name)
> Gnocchi.  He wrote "gnocchi".  Niccolo, yer a dangerous man.
> And me having just eaten breakfast, too... > > > > >
> You just THOUGHT I was dangterous:
> http://franiccolo.home.mindspring.com/se_vuoi_gnocchi.htm


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