[Sca-cooks] OOP (but who cares?): Smoothies, Shakes and

Stephanie Ross hlaislinn at earthlink.net
Mon Aug 7 22:05:24 PDT 2006

Margaret FitzWilliam wrote:

I love lemonade, made at about 60% strength of sweetener. Or fruit juice 
cut half-and-half with fizzy water. 

I love lemonade because it's so easy, and my kids like it too. I use a cup
of pasturized lemon juice (I can get a quart of it for a dollar here,
unfortunately sulfited though) and a cup of sugar to 1 gallon of water. I
will try it with some pomegranate juice and see how we like it.  I cut my
juice the same way - 50/50. It's too strong to drink otherwise. I will try
the seltzer/soda in it.

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