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grizly grizly at mindspring.com
Tue Aug 8 06:32:02 PDT 2006

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< < < < Erm, not to be too much of a stickler or to deny the changing world
and all, but since the sauce on the fettucine special served at
Alfredo's in Rome, a.k.a. Fettucine Alfredo, consists of a little of
the salted, boiling water the pasta was cooked in, a special white
unsalted butter from a farm outside of Rome, grated Parmigiano, and
maybe some pepper, what are people putting into their Alfredo sauce,
real or otherwise?> > > > >

I'm feeling your stickle.  I am also of the same opinion regarding
construction of alfredo.  Problem I have is that people with money to spend
on pasta and sauce have a completely different conceptualization via the
mass market in the US.  The sauce to which I refer is more classically a
cream reduction with butter, grated hard cheese and maybe some sort of
starch stabilizer.  Spike it with some white wine or other in the sautee pan
before serving.

I might even find a way to add some additional flavor compliments, like
fresh ground pepper, or cubeb for the lemony hint.

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