[Sca-cooks] speaking of smokers...wood?

Huette von Ahrens ahrenshav at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 8 20:16:36 PDT 2006

But Crape Myrtle isn't Myrtle, despite the name.  Crape, or Crepe, Myrtle 
is "Lagerstroemia indica", a member of the Lagerstroemia family.  Myrtlewood 
is "Myrtus communis" which is an entirely different plant/tree.  And the Myrtlewood
from Oregon is an entirely different tree also, it is Umbellularia californica.
Called Oregon Myrtlewood in Oregon, it is called the California Bay Laurel in
California.  They both are member of the Laurel tree family.


--- Alexa <mysticgypsy1008 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Thanks for the warning.  I didn't think about that. 
>   This particular myrtle is close to my house in the back  yard.  No gardens in the area, except
> the one I recently planted (which I am avoiding the use of any chemicals) , only thing near the
> tree other than the house is the driveway.  We have been here 2 years, havent sprayed
> pesticides.  Before us, a 90 year old woman lived here, alone.  doubt she used anything like
> that.  
>   But, after last minute gathering last night, pool party, hot dogs and hamburgers on the
> regular grill, and then the fire pit pulled out...seems most of the myrtle wood was used.  I am
> not sure how much is left.  
>   In all my searching, however, I did find that myrtle wood makes great fire wood because it
> burns slowly.  So, if there isnt much left, I might be saving it for the next weekend event or
> the next fire pit session...
>   Alexa
> "Mike C. Baker" <kihebard at hotmail.com> wrote:
>   Alexa, I haven't seen the whole traffic on this thread yet, but I will
> barge ahead with one warning just because: 
> Crepe myrtle in my experience is *often* grown in the near proximity to
> flower beds which are more aggressively treated with pesticides than
> perhaps any other part of our yards and gardens, possibly with the
> exception of some fruit trees ... 
> Please be cautious if you do not know the full history of ANY wood that
> you may use for smoking, and certainly check into possible effects even
> if you do know about the tree but not the use of the particular wood as
> a cooking agent.
> Amra / Kihe / Mike
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