[Sca-cooks] Images of Dining in Ireland 1581

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Simple answer.  Sorta. <g> Some parts of Ireland were more Anglo than other
parts, and it also depends on what one means by "backwards."  Non-English?
Less affluent? Differently dressed? All of the above? (remembering, of
course, that the English in the 16th century were pretty notoriously
xenophobic....an old college professor of mine used to make a pretty
convincing case for the English of that time "practicing" their racism and
cultural snobbism on the Irish before they ever got going on people from
Africa--some of the comments and labels (which persisted well into the 19th
century) are eerily similar).
All of which doesn't mean, of course, that some of the observations weren't
accurate...it's just that it's best if they can be backed up with another
source.  Some of the details in the woodcuts in regards to clothes are
pretty spot-on: the oversized leine sleeves, the very short, high-waisted
jackets with pleated skirting (ionar, I think the jackets are called), the
shaggy mantles.  I've seen some of the woodcuts before in another context,
and always concentrated primarily on the clothing.  I'll have to take some
time and look at them all this weekend, now that I've got this nifty new
website bookmarked!

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> A thought just struck me. Is this an early instance of propaganda? Were
> Irish as backwards as depicted here, or did the English work at making
> look bad as an excuse to subjegate them?
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