[Sca-cooks] Images of Dining in Ireland 1581

Huette von Ahrens ahrenshav at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 8 23:26:09 PDT 2006

There is a very funny movie called "The Commitments", about a group of poor Dublin
young adults who form together and start a soul/R&B band, singing the songs of Wilson
Pickett and Aretha Franklin.  One of the lines in this movie comes when one of the 
group questions why they were singing Black songs when none of them were Black.
The group leader replies, "Because the Irish are the Blacks of Europe, and Dubliners
are the Blacks of Ireland, and North Dubliners are the Blacks of Dublin.  So we are
Black and we should be proud of it!"

The only "name" that anyone will recognize in the cast list is Colm Meaney, of Star Trek:
Next Generation" and "Deep Space Nine" fame.  He plays one of the fathers, who is a big
fan of Elvis.


--- Sue Clemenger <mooncat at in-tch.com> wrote:

> ...an old college professor of mine used to make a pretty
> convincing case for the English of that time "practicing" their racism and
> cultural snobbism on the Irish before they ever got going on people from
> Africa--some of the comments and labels (which persisted well into the 19th
> century) are eerily similar).

> --Maire

Remember that while money talks, chocolate sings.

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