[Sca-cooks] Peanut butter and???

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 9 09:21:08 PDT 2006

Urtatim wrote:
> While peanut butter is for sweets in the US (and spread with jam on 
> bread it's sweet), in Africa and South East Asia it is for savories - 
> in Indonesia, in sauce for satay (grilled meat on a skewer), mixed 
> with ground hot red chilis as a sauce for fruit; in Thailand in Pra 
> Ram (meat in coconut-peanut sauce over kangkung (substituted by 
> spinach in the US)) and in Gaeng Masaman (beef or chicken (and often 
> potatoes) in peanut sauce); in parts of Africa in hot spicy soups and 
> stews.
> So, again, i think of peanut butter, as i think of cinnamon, as being 
> for savories rather than sweets.
Well, you are not normal.  I admire that about you, by the way.

I go both ways, as far as peanut butter is concerned.  Sweet for 
sandwiches or breakfast stuff;  savory for Indonesian and Thai tastes.  
I've even been known to jazz up a boring teriyaki donburi with pb & 
chili sauce.   Hmmm, I wonder if it could possibly improve Indo-Mie, 
those addictive instant noodles that my protégé turned me on to... more 
research is warranted.  Tallyho into culinary peril, away!


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