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The one year I was able to go to Pennsic, one of the things I 
remember was the corn. I was daytripping from my parent's house 
(long story) and every morning on my way in I would stop at a 
farmer's stand and buy fresh picked corn (literally picked from 
the field I was standing in that morning). We ate corn almost 
every day. One day, shortly before the corn was ready a major 
storm blew in. We turned off the stove, popped a lid on the pot 
and ran for the tent. About 20 minutes later we emerged into the 
cool, damp air and ate the most delicious corn on the cob I think 
I've ever had! Yummmmmm!


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>> << < < < anyone have any favorite tin foil grill recipes?
>> cailte > > > > >
>> Placein a square of aluminum foil one ear of fresh picked 
corn . . . and 1
>> TBL butter . . . sprinkle with salt and pepper.  Seal and place 
on grill
>> over indirect heat or on second shelf .  Cook until either just 
>> cooked, or until just startts to brown.  Either way is hard to 
beat.  Go for
>> Silver Queen if you can get it.  Like candy.
>> niccolo difrancesco
>> (waiting for 6 ears/$1 season to come.)
>Best part of summer...yuppers!  Along with fresh from the garden 
>tomatoes made into tomato sandwiches...nothing fancy, just a good 
>grain bread, Hellmans Mayo, sliced tomato, salt...and sansho 
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