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Hmmmm...so maybe it wasn't my activities in Southeast Asia in the 
late 70s that got me flagged for extra searches after all...it was 
the SCA! I'd forgotten about that. Up until this last trip in 
June, I always had to allow extra time because I would get flagged 
for the extra special searches...not only going through the 
initial screening, but my bags always had the little card saying 
they had been searched and most of the time my carry-ons got 
searched again at the gate. I was beginning to feel picked on!


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>On Aug 10, 2006, at 8:58 AM, Elaine Koogler wrote:
>> For those of you flying in to Pennsic, you need to know that 
>> threat
>> levels at US airports have been raised to the highest level.  
>> means
>> increased security, time waiting in line for security checks, 
>> Also...you are now forbidden to take any kind of liquid or gel
>> (including toothpaste!!) in your carry-on luggage.  Laptops and 
>> electronics (especially mentioned were I-Pods) will be very 
>> examined.  This just in case you didn't see the news this 
>> The
>> authorities in England have arrested 21 terrorists who were  
>> planning to
>> assemble bombs onboard something like 10 flights by US carriers 
>> electronics and some kind of liquid.
>Ya know... I'm sure there's a mountain of evidence against these  
>guys, and we're all better off that they're off the streets of 
>major city, or anywhere else. The likelihood of my shedding a 
>for any of them is astronomically remote.
>But still, we probably don't want to get onto the slippery slope  
>already being walked, high and proud, by the US Attorney General, 
>just made a speech in which he referred to the detainees, in 
>as already having been tried and convicted.
>I mean, we members of a club on the FBI's list of subversive  
>organizations have reason to be concerned about such things...
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