[Sca-cooks] Threat Levels at Airports

Stephanie Ross hlaislinn at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 10 10:25:26 PDT 2006

Yes, just about everybody has told me to Mellow Out and I have taken 
that good advice to heart.
Mellowly yours,

LOL!! At least I'm in good company about being paranoid! The standing army
fact came from my lord, who as a stanch conservative against all things
liberal makes sure that he has his facts straight before spouting stuff.
Hey, at Pennsic we are not 19 standing armies, we are two. Also, we may not
have anything persona-wise stronger than a ballista, but I know of many
SCAdians armed to the teeth with firepower, from black-powder pistols to
AK47s. We would be a formidable force IMO. If we made it to the rendevous
on mudane time instead of SCAdian time, that is! *wink*

Et si omnes ego non.

"The care of human life and happiness and not their destruction is the
first and only legitimate object of good government." --Thomas Jefferson to
Maryland Republicans, 1809.

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