[Sca-cooks] SCA Members, Arsenals, & Rendezvous

Mike C. Baker kihebard at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 10 20:52:41 PDT 2006

> Hey, at Pennsic we are not 19 standing armies, we are two. 
> Also, we may not have anything persona-wise stronger than a 
> ballista, but I know of many SCAdians armed to the teeth with 
> firepower, from black-powder pistols to AK47s. We would be a 
> formidable force IMO. If we made it to the rendevous on 
> mudane time instead of SCAdian time, that is! *wink*
> ~Aislinn~

Aww, now, take all the fun out of things, wouldja?  <VBEG>

Imagine instead those nineteen forces converging on a given destination
-- say, fer instance, Pennsic -- at "best possible speed", picking up
additional subunits as they make their way to said destination.  Given
decent communications, decentralized movement plans, guerilla efforts,
organized raiding parties, and any number of other approaches to the
problem:  "SCA time" could mean a whole different set of solutions.

Imagine just how many of said SCA-folk, starting from their normal home
areas, would have full access to some "interesting" equipment, beyond
just weaponry and protective gear.  How many are trained hunters, with
how many different forms of destruction, and most at
above-general-average levels of skill?  How many are trained in both
pre-1600 and more modern military operations?  Maybe a little light on
pre-1600 transports, but we are rather resourceful as a group... And one
might say that we as a group have rather advanced scavenging skills,

Then we should also consider when it is time for those 19 kingdoms
"coming home": thinking here of yet another Leslie Fish / Leslie the
Bard ditty,  "Serious Steel".  

Food content:  trying to feed & provision said field forces would be a
prodigious undertaking all by itself... fuel for cookfires alone would
start being a critical issue, particularly crossing the Plains States.

Amra / Kihe / Mike
(*not* military-trained in the traditional sense, but still considered a
bit of an accomplished tactician in simulation gaming...)

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