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Thu Aug 10 14:19:24 PDT 2006

>Apocryphal, also, but told of Vissevald Selkirkson...

>From the Floriegium,

From: Algernon.Hartesmond at lcs.mit.edu, O.Troub. at lcs.mit.edu

Date: 12 Dec 89 18:24:24 GMT

Organization: Society for Creative Anachronism

} Date: 8 Dec 89 17:23:50 GMT

} From: Wilson Heydt <pacbell!pbhya!whh at AMES.ARC.NASA.GOV>

} Subject: Re: Vis in Basic Training

} I showed the story about Visivald in Basic Training to Duke Frederick of
} Holland last night.  He relates that Vis told him that the third time,
} the DI had three of his assistants help try to beat Vis--and Vis got all
} 4 of them . . .

I told Vis that the "pugil-stick in basic training" story had been
retold on the net.  He asked me which version.  "The one that ends
`...Means they can't beat him either,' I reported.

Vis says that one is false variant #4 -- he wasn't a knight yet, after
all.  We agreed, however, that it *is* a really good story, even better
than the original.  He admitted that it was so good a tale that he
himself tells it that way on occasion.

All the versions agree that after receiving such a thorough whupping,
the pugil instructors had Vis give them lessons.  They were large,
powerful fellows, in excellent condition, and fiercely determined never
to let this happen again.

There's a story to follow this one that has never been heard: What ever
happened to the next SCA smart-guy at that camp who thought he could
show these instructors a thing or two about pole-weapons?


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