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It was a example of what could be done with a period recipe, though it certainly reminded me of period recipes I've seen.  Don't have my cookbooks with me, but I did quickly find a similar one with pork.
Stewe Lumbard [French Pork Stew]
The Original (Time: France, 15th century, Source: Yale University MS Beinicke 163)
Take porke; rost hit, chop hit, and do hit yn a pott and wyne and sygure and hole onions, clovys,
gynger, saffron and saunders, and almondys fryyd, and tempyr hit up with poudyr of gynger,
galentyn, and canell. Coloure hit with saffron and saunders the chefe.
Take pork, roast it, chop it and do it in a pot and wine and sugar and whole onions, cloves,
ginger, saffron and sandalwood, and fried almonds, and temper it up with powder of ginger,
galingale, and cinnamon. Color it mainly with cinnamon and sandalwood.
A lot of Spanish period recipes follow a similar pattern.
The idea is to target the ingredients that add a lot of calories or salt and working to replace the calories without losing the flavor.

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This is a period recipe I can get behind!  Where can I find the original, or the reference to its source.  If this one is there, I might find some other gems that combine fruit and lamb similarly.  It's almost like some dried fruit and meat stuff in Two Fifteenth Century Cookery Bokes (Harlein manuscript), but the lamb rack and dijon mustard throw me in recognizing the source.  Given ambiguities of most medieval recipes and measurements, making a lower fat version could work out great.

niccolo difrancesco

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