[Sca-cooks] menu planning for dietary restrictions

grizly grizly at mindspring.com
Fri Aug 11 21:39:35 PDT 2006

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> > > > I never claimed that low-fat, low-salt, low-sugar dishes are bland
distasteful (seems to be a small epidemic of folks putting words in my
posts).  Quite the contrary:  I believe that those ingredients are not
necessary to make a dish tasty, yummy or delicious. < < < < <

Gotta admit, I got the same sort of inference out of the words I read.
Mayhaps a different varuation of the ideas expression would help us reach
the conclusions you are drawing and expressing to us in the discussions?

I agree that exceptionally tastey dishes can be made without any or greatly
reduced X ingredient.  Taking off the breading and eliminating the frying
step can make a lovely dish . . . but then we've created a difierent dish
entirely, and could have started with a fricasse or some such braised idea
in the first place.  Sure you lose loads of flavor not developing the fond,
but that can be modified with acids and sweets and bitters elsewhere in the
dish.  Oils carry and adhere flavors to the tongue, and give mouthfeel . . .
these will be changed if a recipe is changed.  No frying means a different
flavor and texture profile entirely, which is not evil or repugnant; just

niccolo difrancesco
I've even thickened a braised dish with breadcrumb, egg yolk AND liver paste
for some reason (it was in the recipe and made a real flavor differnce as

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