[Sca-cooks] OOP: NY Times article on State Fair food competitions

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On Aug 16, 2006, at 10:38 AM, Anne-Marie Rousseau wrote:

> Hey! I'm still very much alive and kickin'!!!
> Tho I am always intrigued by the number of people who look all  
> amazed at
> me...."you MADE these pickles/mustard/jelly???"
> --Anne-Marie, who used to get a couple hundred bucks in premium money
> every year from her county fair ;)

Well, that was sort of my point. It's possible that some of the  
collective folk knowledge is dying out in or culture overall, but as  
is often the case, it may fall to someone we know to restore it to  
the mainstream.

Is it just me, or does _half_ a prosciutto sound like a pretty  
chintzy prize to be given by a prosciutto manufacturer? I mean, I  
won't complain if one lands in my lap, so to speak, but I wonder if  
you get to choose shank end from butt/hip end, etc. Unless half is  
just the smallest increment they sell packaged separately, and they  
figure a whole one is more than the average household unit can use in  
a reasonable amount of time...


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> I was intrigued by the statement that the people that have first-hand
> knowledge on how to pickle a peach are all dying off...
> Adamantius
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