[Sca-cooks] Purslane

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Wed Aug 16 18:07:00 PDT 2006

Well you could use it in this recipe from Alessio--
The thyrde and last parte of the Secretes of the reuerende Maister 
Alexis of Piemont from 1562

Another remedy founde very syngular.

ROste well two Dragmes of Rubarbe, together with the seede of Purselane 
and Coriander prepa|red, of eche a Dragme, make all into verye small 
pouder, and mingle a Dragme of this pouder with as muche iuyce of 
Purselane as shall suffice, and geue it to the Pacient whan he spitteth 

It's from the section on recipes to treat consumption.


lilinah at earthlink.net wrote:
> I got a big bag of moderately mature purslane from a local FreeCycle 
> list. I have tasted a few leaves... general green flavor with a sour 
> finish. Not as sour as sorrel, which i love, but quite pleasant. The 
> lady i got them from says she just sautes them with chopped onions.
> Besides being used raw in late 14th C.-early 15th C. salads, anyone 
> have any historic recipes for using purslane? Even medicinal receipts 
> would be interesting if anyone has any.

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