[Sca-cooks] Purslane

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I found this online and while not quite what was asked for, it is 
interesting.  I let one plant grow in my garden where it is a sorta weed and 
it is now at least 2.5 feet across and I usually munch on some when I am 
watering.  Now I have some ideas how to use it in the kitchen too.  I see it 
being sold at the Marin Farmers Mkt so it is being used out there somehow.

sigh, here is the link 

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>No purslane recipes, but I *do* have 3 healthy sorrel plants, and outside 
>chopping up a few leaves for additions to a salad, or putting them in a
>tart, what else can I do with them?
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> > I got a big bag of moderately mature purslane from a local FreeCycle
> > list. I have tasted a few leaves... general green flavor with a sour
> > finish. Not as sour as sorrel, which i love, but quite pleasant. The
> > lady i got them from says she just sautes them with chopped onions.
> >
> > Besides being used raw in late 14th C.-early 15th C. salads, anyone
> > have any historic recipes for using purslane? Even medicinal receipts
> > would be interesting if anyone has any.
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