[Sca-cooks] More Python food references, was, Fwd: for Duriel :-)

Adele de Maisieres ladyadele at paradise.net.nz
Thu Aug 17 15:37:46 PDT 2006

Laura C. Minnick wrote:

>No, the 'crunchy frog' is from the candy-company skit. IIRC, the frog is 
>the one that is 'lovingly frosted with glucose'. :-P There was one with a 
>spring in it too, but I don't remember the others- been awhile since I've 
>seen that one.

Spring Surprise-- when you put it in your mouth, steel bolts spring out, 
piercing both cheeks!

Adele de Maisieres

Habeo metrum - musicamque,
hominem meam. Expectat alium quid?
-Georgeus Gershwinus

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