[Sca-cooks] Hidden sources of food allergens

Terry Decker t.d.decker at worldnet.att.net
Sat Aug 19 16:08:03 PDT 2006

Among the people who have checked on the ingredients for my feasts was a 
lady who had an allergy to mushrooms (gee, I didn't see that allergy on the 
list).  She was worried that my sauces would contain mushrooms, because they 
are often an ingredient in prepackaged sauces.  Since I was preparing 
everything from scratch, I was able to assure her that she could eat the 

I've also encountered a lady who has anaphylactic problems with potatoes and 
can't eat bread that has yeast grown on potato starch.  It may be a rare 
allergy (again, not on the list), but it does exist.  She is the only person 
I have been unable to help determine whether the bread was safe or not, as I 
was using bulk baker's yeast without any manufacturer's information.


> That's just a quick offhand.  I don't mean to be snotty or anything. but
> as someone who's living without wheat, I can tell you - it's a lot more
> difficult than that made it out to sound.  If someone was relying on
> that list to help them pick appropriate foods to feed me and my
> daughter... we probably wouldn't be able to eat.  The other lists there
> were just as insufficient.
> -Magdalena

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