[Sca-cooks] Lyle's Golden Syrup (was Harry Potter references)

Barbara Dodge awench1 at cox.net
Sun Aug 20 14:04:10 PDT 2006

I have acquired several jars of Lyle's Golden syrup.  I've never heard of it 
before, but the recipe for Chinese Chicken Wings on the label looked yummy. 
The store selling is was going out of business and it was 75% off, so I 
bought 3 jars.

The description on the label says "Cane sugar syrup for cooking and Backing. 
Delicious on pancakes and waffles."

Does anyone have any experience with this syrup and/or thoughts on how to 
use it?  It is honey colored and the consistency is much thicker than honey. 
It is very sweet and has a mild maple flavor.


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