[Sca-cooks] Military training

Terry Decker t.d.decker at worldnet.att.net
Mon Aug 21 21:21:44 PDT 2006

> I have wondered though how SCA techniques would work against the
> lighter-weight riot shields with little windows I see in various news
> photographs.

You might want to discuss this with Koris Natterhelm or Johnathan de 
Laufyson.  Since riot shields are mostly for protection against improvised 
projectiles, they are normally used in a skirmish line (as opposed to a 
tortuga) and the police aren't usually prepared to fight an old fashioned 
melee, the basic SCA techniques should have the initial advantage.  In the 
long term, the police would have the advantage in manpower and firepower.

Or whether trebs and catapults with modern incendiaries
> would work against state terrorism such as the Israeli bulldozers.
> Stefan

Too big and cumbersome, since you're talking about squaring off against an 
organization with air support.  Bulldozers are more likely to lose to a guy 
with a shotgun, wire cutters, improvised or professionally manufactured 
demolition munitions, and the will to kick the opposition in the teeth.


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