[Sca-cooks] Military training

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 22 09:38:09 PDT 2006

>I have wondered though how SCA techniques would work against the
>lighter-weight riot shields with little windows I see in various news
>photographs. Or whether trebs and catapults with modern incendiaries
>would work against state terrorism such as the Israeli bulldozers.

Well, I'd have to take a look at the shields to see how sturdy they
are. If I were really wanting to hurt the guy behind it in full riot
gear I proably could. They aren't trained to defend against the
shots we specialize in. I've cracked the welds on combat legal helms
and could probably shatter the riot helmets. Considering the fact
that we used to demonstrate how important proper gear is
at demos by cracking motorcycle helmets I don't think this is an
exaggeration. Were I to want to hurt the person I could target
the points of the shoulders, collarbone and ribcage where even
the body armor doesn't adequately provide protection. This
is stuff designed to prevent rocks and improperly thrown blows
from hurting. And you don't even want to think about how badly
I could mess up a face by striking a plexiglass faceshield. Unless it
is bulletproof, which I highly doubt.

There is also the fact that they don't protect their lower legs.
A quick shot to the shin or ankle will bring them down.

Riot control are trained basically to push people or to provide
protection from light missles for the relatively unarmored
officers behind them. I'm trained to go around that shield and
hit with sufficient force to dent steel.

As for the trebuchets and such. Well, perhaps the bungie
cord models could be used against large crowds, but the 30 mm
grenade launcers they use are better.

I will not get into a discussion on what is or is not State Terrorism.


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