[Sca-cooks] Images of Dining in Ireland 1581

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That's a mighty small ceremonial mace! <g>
Mislabeling of construction techniques in textiles occurs with some degree
of frequency (as in, say, the confusion between naalbinding and knitting),
as well, as do things such labeling the dress worn by Eleanor of Toledo in
several of her portraits by Bronzino and his workshop (white satin ground,
gold-and-black cut & voided velvet, no embroidered guards) with the one in
which she was buried.  I've seen several museums make that error in their
blurbs on one of the paintings.  It's really annoying, since we actually
*know* what her burial gown looked like--it survived, and was well
photographed, sketched and investigated by Janet Arnold.
Of course, for the longest time people also thought that the strips of cloth
found buried with Eleanor were garters for her stockings, and they were
actually wrappings for the burial.....
--maire, erstwhile spindler and textile geek
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> And just the other day, someone was looking at a museum site in Egypt,
> had a item which was labeled "a small ceremonial mace" which was in fact a
> drop spindle...  So sometimes archeologists can be clueless also.
> Huette

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