[Sca-cooks] Middle Eastern Food Questions

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Tue Aug 22 15:37:42 PDT 2006

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> My second question concerns grapes. A number of dishes mention grape, sour
> grapes, sour grape juice, or wine vinegar. Often it is not easy to
> distinguish from the recipe whether dark or light grapes are intended. Does
> anyone has data on the kind of grapes consumed in the Muslim world in
> period?

The sour grape juice found in middle eastern markets is red - it looks sort 
of like red wine vinegar but the taste is very different. Verjuice (the 
European equivalent) was made from unripe grapes, which would still be green.

Cracking an egg on top of a pot of hot food would result in a steamed egg 
which would look sunny-side up.


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