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Tue Aug 22 14:43:13 PDT 2006

>Does anyone out there have a nice list of recipes and
>the source  (I'm tired but the example I can think of
>is Chocolate chip cookies -- Betty Crocker cookbook)
>or dishes suitible for a Vegan feast  or vegetarian
>feast out there ready to be sourced?  So that you
>might have an all vegan feast etc.

Do you mean an SCA-style feast?

If so, most vegetable recipes can be made for vegetarians one of two 
ways. Either make as specified, but substitute a rich flavorful 
vegetable broth for meat broth. Or make a Lenten version with almond 

Lenten vegetable and grain recipes should work for vegans.

When i cook a feast nearly all my recipes - except the meat - are 
vegetarian. When i did the Greco-Roman feast, i had set aside 
servings for the vegetarians and used soy sauce instead of fish sauce.

Many of the vegans i know eat a lot of nut meats, or grain and 
bean/pulse combinations for protein. So pea soup or other pease 
dishes served with a grain dish cooked with almond milk might make a 
good combination.

Those eBay recipes look darn expensive - a minimum of $10 for 18 
recipes (and bidding for a higher price)?!?! What a rip off! You're 
quite welcome to look over my feast recipes for free :-) As i said, 
most are vegetarian, or easily vegetarian adaptable.

Vegans are a bit harder - no eggs, no dairy. It is easy enough to 
remove butter or animal fat: substitute vegetable oils, preferably 
olive oil in savory dishes, and i recommend sesame oil in pastries or 
sweets. And for milk or cream, substitute almond milk or almond 
cream. Other nut milks are not period, as far as i know, but also 
possible - such as hazelnut milk.

But recipes that call for eggs or cheese are harder to adapt *in a 
period fashion*. If i don't care about being *really* period, i've 
cooked some recipes calling for chicken or eggs using seitan or tofu 
for vegetarian friends.
Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)
the persona formerly known as Anahita

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