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> Sorry, I meant to ask this the first time around: what 
>are hatch chiles?

why, chiles from hatch, nm of course.  not to be a smart 
aleck... really. 8)

i believe they are big jims,  but we tend to call them 
hatch chiles around this neck o' the woods because that is 
where they grow and there just seems to be something in 
the soil. once you have had hatch, i feel all others pale. 
 i am a capsicum wuss, but even the hot, hot ones maintain 
the flavor as well as having heat.

best when roasted by the vendor/farmer onsite, steamed in 
the bag on the way home, perfuming the vehicle with their 
wonderful smell, and frozen (well, most of them for a two 
person household) to enjoy in the winter.  you get the 
great smokey taste that way that you don't get in the 
frozen bueno et. al. brands.  the diff between a fresh 
roasted chile stew and a stew made out of a canned or 
frozen product is amazing.

there has been a lot of flooding in the town of hatch, nm 
this year due to an extremely active monsoon season.  the 
rest of us new mexicans are assured the chile fields are 
not in jeopardy.  would be terrible to have your house and 
car flooded out and lose your crop as well!

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