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niccolo difrancesco commented back on August 6:
 > Powder douce, powder forte, fine spice powder, black spices, Dry
 > BBQ rubs,
 > hypocras, Duke's Powder, etc., in addition to some more exotic
 > individual
 > spices.  These are all wonders that could catch on right now in the
 > real world food market.  Taking the historical to the masses.

Which one is "Duke's Powder"? < < < < < < <

Duke's Power is hypocras spice blend with sugar already added together . . .
just add wine.

The egg experiment got postponed due to some oddities in the fryer cleaning
schedule.  I have to do it one night that is just before the fryer cleaning
day . . . that way any exemplary messes are cleaned the next day, and I
don't waste 10 gallons of good oil.  I'm back on track for this week,

I didn't chicken out yet!

niccolo difrancesco

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