[Sca-cooks] green cardamon

Leslie Falzone leslie.watson at sympatico.ca
Mon Aug 28 11:37:18 PDT 2006

ah my favourite spice, you can add it to the dish mentioned.  Yum.  It is an 
ingredient in some masala's and aslo in sweets.  It is used in spiced Chai 
as well.

According to the Historical Dictionay of Indian Food, "this spice is of 
southern origin, with cognizance as ela in the Arthashastra (350 b.c)" and 
"clearly spalled ou with correct Sanskrit and Sri Lankan names by Garcia da 
Orta in AD 1563"

It is mentioned in a lot of Idian writing including in the Manasollasa for 
making Kasara.  It is also used in making of a sweet Paan.

In Sanskrit it is called badi-elaichi or daruharidra


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