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Yeah, called a "Tuna Melt" some places. Isn't bad, but not one of my favorites.

On 8/28/06, Mike C. Baker <kihebard at hotmail.com> wrote:
> > I remember being shocked that you could use hot dog buns for
> > things other than hot dogs! My aunt, who doesn't cook, once
> > served hot dog buns topped with bacon or ham and topped with
> > american cheese and then toasted it. It was good, but I
> > remember I kept thinking "This is dinner? And we aren't going
> > to get in trouble for eating junk?" ~lol~
> >
> > Ysabeau
> 1. Mix batch of tuna salad with cubes of cheese added (Velveeta,
> American, colby, cheddar, whatever floats yer boat...).  Can do this
> with chicken or ham salad as well, but the mix needs to be a tad wetter
> than I normally use for sandwiches.  I like this with medium to sharp
> cheddar myself, some in my family think of this as the only decent
> purpose for Velveeta under the sun, moon, or stars...except as perhaps
> extender for a blended cheese sauce
> 2. Arrange hotdog buns in oven-capable pan and spoon meat salad mixture
> into hollows of same
> 3. Slide into oven at 325 until visible cheese begins to melt / upper
> edges of buns toast or brown (or even very slightly blackened).
> Alternately, place the filled pan under a broiler until melty / toasty.
> (My preference is to oven-bake so that the tuna mixture warms all the
> way through.)
> 4. Enjoy!
> There is a "formal" recipe for this, but since I usually ad-lib my tuna
> salad anyway...  I grew up with this prepared with chopped hardboil eggs
> in the tuna salad, sometimes sans yolks.  Lightly toasting the insides
> of the split buns in advance can also make for a better final result...
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