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> I remember being shocked that you could use hot dog buns for 
> things other than hot dogs! My aunt, who doesn't cook, once 
> served hot dog buns topped with bacon or ham and topped with 
> american cheese and then toasted it. It was good, but I 
> remember I kept thinking "This is dinner? And we aren't going 
> to get in trouble for eating junk?" ~lol~
> Ysabeau

1. Mix batch of tuna salad with cubes of cheese added (Velveeta,
American, colby, cheddar, whatever floats yer boat...).  Can do this
with chicken or ham salad as well, but the mix needs to be a tad wetter
than I normally use for sandwiches.  I like this with medium to sharp
cheddar myself, some in my family think of this as the only decent
purpose for Velveeta under the sun, moon, or stars...except as perhaps
extender for a blended cheese sauce
2. Arrange hotdog buns in oven-capable pan and spoon meat salad mixture
into hollows of same
3. Slide into oven at 325 until visible cheese begins to melt / upper
edges of buns toast or brown (or even very slightly blackened).
Alternately, place the filled pan under a broiler until melty / toasty.
(My preference is to oven-bake so that the tuna mixture warms all the
way through.)
4. Enjoy!

There is a "formal" recipe for this, but since I usually ad-lib my tuna
salad anyway...  I grew up with this prepared with chopped hardboil eggs
in the tuna salad, sometimes sans yolks.  Lightly toasting the insides
of the split buns in advance can also make for a better final result...

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