[Sca-cooks] Foods from our youth

grizly grizly at mindspring.com
Mon Aug 28 11:48:45 PDT 2006

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> > > > We used to eat something at home that we called "Mamaburgers"-- my
made really, really thick spaghetti sauce (1 jar red sauce, some canned
tomatoes, a can of tomato paste, lots of hamburger, onion, pepper,
mushroom as available, garlic, italian spices), and sliced a loaf of
italian bread in half longways, loaded it up with sauce, added slices of
cheese, and cooked it under the broiler. Yum!< < < < < <

Sounds like a couson to Sloppy Joe's.  Our quicky youth food was hot bogs
scored deeply with yellow american cheese strips laid into the "channel"
then put under the broiler to brown cheese and heat the dogs up.  It was
pretty ingenious simple way to garnish a simple hot dog for kids :o)

niccolo difrancesco

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