[Sca-cooks] OT& OP & a tad bit commercial: A Call for Artist & Artisans

JAMES REVELLS sudnserv5 at verizon.net
Mon Aug 28 19:40:19 PDT 2006

> Hej!
>    As some of you know I am going to be leaving eastern Massachusetts soon 
> for the wilds of southern Vermont to open a new store in the town of 
> Wilmington.  I am seeking artist to consign some goods with me, so I am 
> sending this out to the most likely candidates to help out.  Sorry if you 
> receive the note more than once.
> Pax,
> Olaf
>    Please forward it to any artist you think might be interested:
>    Greetings, my name is Jim Revells I am a craftsperson doing both modern 
> metalsmithing & experimental archaeology. I am moving to Wilmington, 
> Vermont to open a gift store & art gallery.  So, I need to  find artist 
> that are willing to consign some of their goods in my new store "Olaf's 
> Plunder". The store will open the first week of October.
>    What is "Olaf's Plunder" going to be?  Basically it is going to be a
> gift store & art gallery oriented towards the tourist that come to Snow 
> Valley (http://www.wilmingtonvermont.us/).  The customer base tends 
> towards the upscale market.
>    I intend to have a selection of fine crafts presented for my customers 
> selection.  This would include (but not be limited to) metal work of all 
> kinds, blades, jewelry, pottery, sculpture, painting, prints, photography, 
> glass, clothing & wood work.  I am not going to limit my scope on the art 
> in the store other than that I believe it to be well done.  I intend to 
> have a 60/40 split with my artist, which seems to be the norm for NH & VT.
>   There will be a selection of Scandinavian gifts, including 
> non-perishable foods, candy, books, knick-knacks, tee shirts, & art 
> objects.  Many of the items will be Viking Age themed.  I am also 
> interested in finding additional wholesale gift suppliers, especially any 
> doing European or Scandinavian imports.
>    We are going to be doing business on the web (at
> www.olafsplunder.com), the web site should be up before the store opens. 
> I am willing to cross link my web site to anyone who consigns goods to me 
> (at no charge if there is no charge to me), as a brand new member of the 
> local Chamber of Commerce they are going to link my web site with theirs. 
> Any artist who do not have web sites will be featured in my on-line 
> gallery. Interested artist can contact me at sudnserv5 at verizon.net.
>    Pax,
> Jim Revells

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