[Sca-cooks] breaded vs. dredged? grilling dredged meat?

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Mon Aug 28 21:13:18 PDT 2006

Duriel commented:
<<< Yep, I did say 'breaded' instead of dredged. :(  I do recall the  
commented that he wished the cutlets were more thickly coated with
flour. >>>

So, what is the difference between "breading something" and "dredging  

I guess I think of dredging as being used with flour while breading  
being more used with crumbs of some type. But "dredging" also gives  
me the impression of pushing something through the coating material  
and generally applying it thicker than simply "breading" it. So is  
there a methodology or a materials difference? or no difference at all?

niccolo difrancesco commented:
 > Flour dredged and grilled would definitely be a
 > different critter from what I was envisioning.

I can see coating with flour and then frying the item in an oil, but  
wouldn't putting a flour coated item onto a grill simply end up  
burning the flour coating rather than resulting in some kind of  
browned coating? Maybe this turns on the type of grill though. I'm  
thinking of an open, barred grill. If it's a flatiron type grill then  
I guess this might be different but unless there is fat turning into  
an oil, it still seems that you would simply end up with burned flour  
coating some somewhat cooked meat. So, what am I missing here?

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