[Sca-cooks] Marshmallow Etiquette

Caointiarn caointiarn1 at bresnan.net
Tue Aug 29 06:07:40 PDT 2006

If the marshmallow has achieved that russet/golden brown pillow exterior, 
the inside is perfectly melted and gooey for the graham cracker& chocolate 
additions . . . . .  YUM!  s'more please   Caointiarn

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From: "Huette von Ahrens"
>I am with you Alys!  I like marshmallows somewhat burned, so that the 
>inside is all
> gooey and hot.  I don't mind the charred coat tho'.  I think that a golden 
> brown
> outside and a "raw" inside doesn't taste right to me either.
> Huette

>> Adamantius wrote about Evil Spawn: it turned out that he had not been 
>> [effectively] taught how to properly roast or toast marshmallows. His 
>> idea was that you basically set them on fire, allow them to turn lack, 
>> put out the fire and eat them.<<

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