[Sca-cooks] Marshmallow Etiquette

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Tue Aug 29 06:16:23 PDT 2006

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> > > I am with you Alys!  I like marshmallows somewhat burned, so that the
inside is all
gooey and hot.  I don't mind the charred coat tho'.  I think that a golden
outside and a "raw" inside doesn't taste right to me either.

So Adamantius, IMHO, leave your Evil Spawn alone.  He may like them charred.
And, if he
doesn't, he will learn how to do them all on his own.

Huette < < < < <

I think there is a bit of a false dichotomy being posed.  You CAN melt
thoroughly the little puffy nugget of love without charring the outside.
You CAN char the outside of a 'mallow and have a "raw" inside.  The taoist
in me sees the two conditions as separate goals . . . how does one get a
perfectly melted, gooey insode while at the same time preparing the outside
to the condition that one prefers.  We aren't after all, some thumbless
bunch of goons . . . we are talented cooks with skills and finesse :o)  We
can have both, which is what I suspect Master A was implying.  Me, I like
the patiently melted center, then immolate the thing to just the right
collor and texture on the outside (not burnt, but dfinitely crispy).

niccolo difrancesco

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