[Sca-cooks] marshmallow s was breaded

Lisa silvina at allegiance.tv
Tue Aug 29 06:11:34 PDT 2006

Now, I have to say that I prefer my marshmallows lightly toasted, to at
worst brown, but I can't stand charred.  I have never had one that was still
"raw" in the middle though, I guess I've perfected the technique of cooking
the middle without turning the outside into charcoal. :)


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> Evil spawn needs to be given a bag of fresh marshmallows and
> and free rein of a microwave while he discovers the joys of
> making them go pop. If you are good, you can blacken the middles
> before the outside burns.This is courtesy of the teen in this household.
> "In the Buffy episode Conversations with Dead People,
> Michelle's character Dawn experiments with Marshmallows in the microwave."
> Or *Finding the Speed of Light with* *Marshmallows-A Take-Home Lab*
> http://www.physics.umd.edu/ripe/icpe/newsletters/n34/marshmal.htm
> He's driving now by himself so we have moved into another stage of
> being a mom around here.
> Johnnae
> Phil Troy / G. Tacitus Adamantius wrote:
> > I am reminded of an experience I had just the other day: the Evil
> > Spawn is still of an age where he still experiences the occasional
> > sugar jones (only about 23 hours a day, now that he's more grown up),
> > and he being the UUY teenager, it turned out that he had not been
> > [effectively] taught how to properly roast or toast marshmallows. His
> > idea was that you basically set them on fire, allow them to turn
> > black, put out the fire and eat them. snipped
> > Adamantius
> >
> >
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