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Huette von Ahrens ahrenshav at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 29 16:00:40 PDT 2006

--- "Phil Troy / G. Tacitus Adamantius" <adamantius.magister at verizon.net> wrote:

> Candied yams. Hmmm. I've heard of those... My standard exposure to  
> yams and sweet potatoes is either in the form of fries or baked  
> sweets mushed up in a casserole with brown sugar and pecans, courtesy  
> of my sister-in-law, who is the daughter of one of the last of the  
> old-time Birmingham Hostesses...
> Adamantius

I make a really good sweet potato souffle.  I brought it once when I first 
joined the SCA to a pot luck.  I put it in the veggie area when I arrived.
I looked later and found it with the desserts.  So I moved it back to the veggies.
I later saw someone moving it back to the desserts, upon which I told them that
is was sweet potato, not pumpkin.

As much as I like marshmallows, I hate marshmallows on sweet potatoes...  Too
much sweetness...  My version of candied yams is to take a large can of yams,
drain them, put them in a buttered casserole dish, add salt and pepper, some
butter and top them with some orange marmalade, mixed with some triple sec.
And bake in an 350 degree oven for 30 min.  Everyone seems to like them.


Remember that while money talks, chocolate sings.

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