[Sca-cooks] [Pelicans] SCA Soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan?

Wanda Pease wandap at hevanet.com
Tue Aug 29 20:40:48 PDT 2006

Thanks for passing this along.  I sent it to the Pelican list because I
figured they were the ones who might be able to distribute the idea well,
and might already have names or contacts.  I got the idea from my niece who
has been using the www.anysoldier.com website for a while now.  I just got
the first messages from Master Terafan Greydragon (LTC Peter Barclay) who
just hit ground in Kuwait after such a lovely time on the Salisbury plain, 2
miles from Stonehenge.  It made me think there are probably lots of other
SCA "Over There".

Please take a look at the anysoldier website and check out what some of the
people who have put their names up would like and the do's and don'ts of
what and how to send.  Do NOT mix food and chemicals they say.  Lovely candy
and cookies taste wonderful, but deoderant flavored cookies are to be
avoided :-)  My niece uses regular boxes for lighter things and then the
Priority Mailing for small but weighty.  Don't forget small toys and things
for the kids the Soldiers meet.  American Soldiers have a rep to uphold when
it comes to kids.  Also, some of them are in the medical field treating the
kids who are sick or wounded.  Lots easier to comfort a kid when you can
give them a toy to concentrate on.

Lots of requests for white socks (one wash in Afghanistan and they are
brown).  Air Fresheners, the little tree types, fabreeze, personal
deoderant, Wet-ones for cleanups, etc.  Of Course snacks and candy
(individually wrapped please), jerky, etc.  Most places have microwaves, but
no cooking facilities outside the mess hall.  Even so, spice mixtures to
liven up the feed it to the lowest level of spicyness might be good if you
knew who they were going to.

If you travel and stay in hotels like I do, those nifty soaps, shampoo,
conditioner and lotions are the perfect size.  That way if sand and dirt get
into the bottle it can be disposed of without losing much.

Regina Romsey (Soldier and Family Assistance - Portland Battalion)

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