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True. Graham Cracker crumbs are frequently used as described, usually
mixed with butter and sugar, patted into a pan as a liner, and very
briefly baked just long enough to set the sugar and produce a more or
less cohesive layer.

>   As I am not found of graham crackers, I hate this crust.

I've never been a fan, either. For cheese cakes I'd use a short crust
or a sweetened tart dough as the more traditional liner (and
sometimes I don't even bother with a liner at all, and just use a
circle of parchment paper). <<SNIP>>

I would recommend trying a ginger snap crust.  I have no recipe, but you
just cut back a little on the butter and sugar, and use the snaps.  I also
suggest experimenting . . . not abandoning orthodoy . . .  with thin ginger
snaps with the s'mores concept.  It may just be the fancifying that brings
more people to the fold.

niccolo difrancesco

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